Why I moved from Wix to WordPress hosted on SiteGround

At the beginning of this year, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of public websites on Office 365 (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3027254). At this time my blog has been hosted on Office 365 and I was more or less happy with it.

After this unpleasant announcement, Microsoft offered the alternatives Wix or GoDaddy. Based on my short evaluation, I selected to move forward with Wix.

Some 3 months later, all my content and designs have been moved to Wix. Shortly later I started to realize the heavy limitations of the platform:

  • Google ranks the blog down because it’s running all as a single page application
  • Not all blog posts are indexed by Google
  • It’s not possible to share other content then documents. E.g. zip files
  • The mobile UI is very slow because it’s running all as a single page application. E.g. first page load takes more than 5sec.
  • Google Adverbs cannot just be integrated
  • Support doesn’t reply
  • The sitemap does not contain blog posts

Especially the Google ranking hurts, as it made my Blog disappearing. Therefor I looked for an alternative fixing those issues and WordPress hosted on SiteGround did it. It requires more technical background then Wix and the design is not as beautiful as with Wix, but you have the full freedom of being able to change whatever you need.

That means I could address all the topics above and to the best, I’m still saving some dollars per month compared with Wix.

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