Plain365 0.9.4 released

Version 0.9.4 changes:

  • Included all dll’s into the executable and added dependency check. (Fixes the error Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Client, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c’ or one of its dependencies)
  • Added more details to ProtocolError
  • Added the option to ignore SSL warnings, so that can be used against test servers


  • Jon

    Hello Adrian,
    We are looking forward to adding your Google Analytics javascript to our SharePoint 2013 On-Premises Intranet. When installing the Google Analytics solution via Plain365 it looks like the javascript links are added to the different pages in the SharePoint site, however, the Javascript files themselves are not copied over. The page is referencing src=”/plain365/js/googleanalytics.js”, however this link does not exist on the site. Is there a document library called plain365 that is supposed to be created when the Google Analytics is installed?
    Thank You,

  • Stef

    Getting the error below on a new site collection. Anyone knows why? The user running the tool is farm admin and site collection admin.

    “This url is not working.
    System.Net.WebException: the remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.
    at Plain365.ViewModel.SelectDestinationViewmodel.ExecuteSearch()

  • Jason S

    Using Plain365 v.9.4 – on destination page, no matter what I type in, I get the ProtocolError, This URL is not working. System.Net.WebException: the rmote server returned an error (500) internal server error.

    Thoughts on where to go from here?

  • mark

    Hi Adrian,

    The analytics setup was super simple! How do I configure this for single page applications so it recognizes ‘samplePage.aspx#1’ vs ‘samplePage.aspx#2’ for example?

  • Daniel Stoll

    Will this work for 2016 ?

  • AmericanUser

    Are u still supporting this? Thanks.

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