Plain365 – Google Analytics for SharePoint updated

After a longtime of inactivity, I took the time to update the Plain365 code to support the latest Google Analytics java scripts.

Now, it should be possible to push Google Analytics to SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 sites.

The free tool is available under


  • Matthew Flewelling

    Love the tool! Was hoping you’d be able to add the capability to track user_id’s as well:

    Even if you just give us an option to add our own lines to the tracking code, that would be enough. In order to track user ID’s, you just need to add: ga(‘set’, ‘userId’, {{USER_ID}}); to the tracking code.


    • Matthew Flewelling

      Actually – I figured it out. Just needed to edit your .js file that’s in the Plain 365 directory.


  • Joe B.

    What a great solution to a glaring problem! – One issue: I tried the Plain365 9.4 version. It installed fine and everything seemed okay. I was able to select all of the sites, etc that I wanted. It appeared to install fine, but yielded no results in Google Analytics. – Not sure why. I then tried the “obsolete” way and everything worked great.
    Fantastic work. Thank you!

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