Getting Started – Home Automation with Z-Wave in the EU / Finland

This getting started post is a step by step manual to upgrade an existing light switch for remote control and enable the triggering through a mobile app. It creates also a great foundation to add more devices, sensors and other gadgets afterwards. In addition, the chosen solution includes a rule engine which gives the opportunity to trigger the switches based on different rules like night / day. The chosen Samsung SmartThings Hub seems to me as a very good starting point due to the support of Zigbee and Z-Wave (868.4 MHz) and support by a large community. The described installation has been tested and works in Finland.

Home Automation in Europe is a bit trickier as in the US because most of the articles point to US sites which might not follow European standards. Especially Z-Wave has different frequency in Europe than in the US and therefore it’s important to purchase products approved by the communication authorities. To my understanding, as longs as you buy it in the EU and the frequency is 868.4 MHz, it should be all good.

Obviously, electrical installations need to be done by an expert and this blog will not provide any warranty nor liability.

Shopping List (Total 181 € + delivery):


  1. Install the SmartThings Hub by plugin it to the network and power. Wait around 30min, until the front light is green
  2. Install the SmartThings App and enter the code delivered in the SmartHub package
  3. Install the Qubino relay under the existing switch (please ask an expert for it, there is no warranty nor liability on those instructions)
    1. Remove the fuse, check that there is no power
    2. Attach the button to I1 and the (live/hot), the light to Q1 (live/hot), N to the neutral and L to the live/hot.
    3. Verify it
    4. Insert the fuse
    5. Turn on the switch and verify that the light goes on, if not something is wrong
    6. Go to the SmartThings app and click add new things (this starts the discovery mode)
    7. Turn the light 3 times on and off in 3s, this will switch the Relais into the discovery state. If everything goes right, your SmartThings app will find the Relais and you can turn on / off the lights by the app.
  4. Setup Qubino power measurement and second button
    1. Login to
    2. Click My Locations and your main location
    3. Click My Device Handlers
      1. Click Create new Device Handler
      2. Select code and copy & paste the following:
      3. Select Publish for Me
      4. Click again new Device Handler
      5. Select code and copy & paste the following:
      6. Select Publish for Me
    4. Click My Devices
      1. Select the device registered in step 3.G.
      2. Under Type scroll to the end (it’s not alphabetical) until you see the “Qubino Flush 2 Relay”
      3. Save it
    5. Open the device on the phone and after some minutes you will see the more buttons and power consumption

Enjoy and feel free to share your opinion.

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