About Me

Software Architect


My name is Adrian Fiechter, I’m a passionate software architect with more than 15 years of experience. My main objective is to bring business and IT together to deliver efficently more value.

I was growing up in Münsingen, Switzerland which is small village near the capital Bern on the entrance to the Swiss alps. I studied software engineering at the Bern University of Applied Sciences with an Erasmus exchange at the Polytech of Nice Sophia (ESSI), where I took also the opportunity to fulfil one of my biggest dreams by working for an ESA project delivered by Alcatel Space.

Back in Switzerland a very good friend of mine and myself founded our first company which was called Distalogic and had the intention to productized our diploma work. As normal with startup’s our focus changed toward earning money and in 2006, SharePoint was the growing market. Due to limited sales experience at this point in time, we decided to join another small startup in exchange for some stocks of it, called GridSoft. This startup was growing from 5 employees to around 15 employees when I left for new challenges abroad.

Today, I’m working in Finland as Senior IT Architect in the SharePoint, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Management area.

World Traveller


Beside work, I love to travel across the world preferably by train. Those travels brought me to well-known places like the beautiful national parks in the United States and Australia. It took me to touristic hot spots like Machu Picchu, the stunning Serengeti and the steaming Geysirs of Iceland. Furthermore to enjoy the full taste of traveling the Trans-Siberian railway was also on my itinerary. The unforgettable trip from Helsinki to Pyongyang (North Korea) was an experience on its own. Beside those I visited the Caribbean states (I’m a terrible Salsa dancer) and far more remote areas, like India, Tibet, Bhutan, Cuba, Dominica and Japan.

A fun fact about myself is that I’m most probably the only guy who needed to go to Finland to get addicted into rock climbing (There are no real mountains in Finland). Anyway this new focus had also an impact on the prioritization of my travel plans and now Kalymnos made it to the top of my list.