Bulk Upload to SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Office 365 and Google Drive

Download: Fiechter.OneDriveBackup_0.9.9.zip (06.05.2017, Version 0.9.9)

This free tool allows to very bulk upload files to:

  • Local File System
  • Google Drive
  • SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016
  • Office 365
  • OneDrive for Business

It can be easily integrated into Windows Explorer Send To menu, to enable automatic uploads (https://fiechter.eu/2017/02/11/windows-explorer-send-to-sharepoint-or-onedrive-for-business/)

Unsupported characters removal and also filename length checks are built in, so that the user doesn’t have to care about it.

Beside copying the tool copies and secures also metadata

  • Modified date
  • Creation date
  • In case of SharePoint -> SharePoint
    • Created By
    • Modified By
    • Other metadata

The software allows further to select the criteria on which the targets files will be overwritten and allows the deletion of local files.

The software has been created due to limitation of the OneDrive Sync client in regards to large files and missing possibilities of one way synchronization.

Send To example:


  • Jeroenb

    Hello, nice tool! Is there any way to schedule a weekly onedrive sync?
    I need a periodic 1-way onedrive for business sync tool.

    • fiechter

      Nope, but it’s an idea. At the moment you can create a send to shortcut, copy the execution arguments, add the source folder as second argument and create a task scheduler job.

  • Montazer

    is there any way to select multiple folders? i found that the software able to select one folder. If i want to select multiple folders to backup onedrive, i am unable to do this. any suggestions?

  • Lukas Vallejo Meluk

    Hello, very nice tool!! I’m downloading an entire SharePoint Online library to a local filesystem. But the process fails to download some files (aleatory, one run fails for some files and then another run fail for another ones) showing the error: “File can not be uploaded.” Do you know why do this happens?

  • Peter

    What are the requirements of the Bulk Upload tool?
    I got a red Exclamation point if I connect to the SharePoint Online site.

  • NasenSpray

    Hi, very nice and useful tool. Is there a way to modify the config.xml to define the users my documents folder as source and define the personal one drive for business sharepoint site as destination.
    Thanx for the good work and your answer in advance.
    Best regards

  • madams

    Thanks for this wonderful tool! It does what I wanted very well indeed. My only complaint about uploading to SharePoint is how slow the process seems to be compared to uploading anywhere else, but that’s a Microsoft thing. I very much appreciate the work you put into this tool and want you to know that I am grateful for your effort to create and maintain this. One thing I very much appreciate is the list of what could not be uploaded. That helps me to later go back and upload those files “manually” if needed or to ignore them if they are useless files (like shortcuts, for example).

    Thanks again!

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