Plain365 – The free end-user SharePoint and Office 365 configurator


As most users have already figured out, the SharePoint user interface is not as easy as an end-user could expect it. A lot of resources on the internet are available sharing insights how to configure sites and what can be done.

Supports SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.

Unfortunately for all those things a user needs to be some kind of SharePoint or JavaScript experte, and Microsoft is even developing the product further into this direction. The other option, the app / add-in model has been disabled across enterprises because it’s too complicated to maintain and govern. So the users stay with configuring the sites themselves.

Plain365 is a user interface receiving regularly new packages and updates from the community. It allows end-users to easily add pre-configured web parts or JavaScripts to theirs SharePoint sites.

  • No server side code required
  • No administrator rights required on SharePoint or your workstation
  • No ads or anything else
  • It’s free
  • Works with SharePoint on-premises and Office 365

If you have ideas, bugs or you are a developer and would like to add your javascript, feel free to contact me over the contact form.